Thursday, 27 September 2012

Good Personal Essay Topics

Reasons for writing personal essays can never be exhausted; they range from just an assignment given in class to a requirement for college application.
Choosing Good topics for a persuasive essay
The winning essays all seem to be inclusive of good topics for a persuasive essay. But in-order for the reader to really catch a glimpse of your personal life, then your essays have to have good personal essay topics.
Every good personal essay starts off as just an idea the hard part is finding which idea is the best as compared to others. Many are the times you have to go through your collection of life experiences so that you would come up with the ultimate experience; one that will not only encapsulate the person you really are, but in the fewest words possible and at the same time enable you to create one of the many good personal essay topics out there.
As it is with any other project, you need to choose one topic that you mostly care about. This will enable you work with ease and be able to bring out the best of you without to much straining thus being able to come up with good topics for a persuasive essay. There is a list known as ‘most list” which has seen many come up with a lot of good topics for a persuasive essay. It works by you making a list of the following; moments that were most rewarding, moments you were most happy, moments that were most rewarding, moments that were most scary and moments that were most embarrassing.
Once the above list is completed, chances are that you will have already identified a couple of good personal essay topics you can use and now all you will be left to do is narrow down the search to two good topics for a persuasive essay (it is always good to have one extra topic for backup).
Steps to identify good personal essay topics
Now that you have got a couple of ideas, you now need to narrow your search to one or two topics. The below steps will help you do that:
1)      Test each “most moment” for originality. Although those are your life experiences and stories, some of them may juts be too good to be true. The idea is to give the reader a taste of your life and be able to know you more and this will only be possible if your good personal essay topics stand out from the rest.
2)      Make sure that the one topic you choose among the many good topics for a persuasive essay you have got reveals something unique about yourself as an individual. This will only be possible if you reflect on one of the many aspects of your life that makes you proud and is significant to you.
3)      Make sure that you eliminate any risky or dumb topics like bad grades, drunkenness, misdemeanor or crimes committed. 

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